The Pocket Running Coach

Episode 23: Yoga- the secret weapon

March 5, 2015

Ohmmmmm......This episode I spend a little time with yoga instructor Jen Stevens to discuss how you can incorporate this ancient art form into your weekly training.  The benefits may surprise you! I have seen a HUGE benefit from incorporating yoga just a couple days a week, and after this interview, I want to do it even more!

As a challenge, I'd love to see pictures on twitter or facebook of some of those sweet yoga poses you have been practicing!!
Jen was kind enough to send me links to some of the poses she recommends for runners and athletes, as well as some great resources for finding a studio near you so you can check it out! 
You can email Jen at if you would like to show the love and thank her for coming on the show.  
Poses that Jen recommends you try out:

Jen's Resource List:


How Yoga Works- Novel

Relax and Renew- Instructional

21 Day Yoga Body- Program

My Favorite teachers on the Web!

Sadie Nardini

Also, a couple studio finders for local yoga studios: