The Pocket Running Coach

Episode 19: Couch to Marathon in 1 year; a podcast listeners journey

March 31, 2014

This episode I spend some time interviewing one of our podcast community listeners story from couch to his first marathon.  David has been a coaching client of mine for a little under a year. In this interview we discuss his journey over the course of a year from the couch to his first Marathon.  The first segment of the interview was conducted just 2 days before the LA marathon and David and I were able to discuss the training so far, pre race optimism, strategy, and just the overall feeling you have right before your first marathon.  Then we pick right up just one day after the race to get a full report of how the race felt and what David experienced.  I am so proud to have seen him progress from zero miles to a marathon in just a year, what a great accomplishment.  I hope you are inspired, motivated, and equipped after following along on his journey.